Making your Tribe assists in the interaction and cooperation of community members, other groups and organisations.

Tribal Wave Assembly is a collaborative network approach to set up tribes of people with ideas to bring about change and want to be connected to a cause. It is about a movement, a ‘Wave’ that is formed by the climate that is influenced by attitudes of individuals, community groups and government. It is about the gathering together or ‘Assembly’ of Tribes in one place for a common purpose to create and spread ideas to determine the significance of the ‘Wave’ required to change the landscape to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people.

Through a collaborative network local solutions are identified and included in a formal Agreement or ‘Accord’ with the NSW Government.

Tribal Wave Assembly Key Points

- The two (2) year term for membership on the Regional Assembly is to allow the time for relevant Leaders to progress through the Accord process for their Local Assembly.

- The Accord is the priorities or focus areas that have been selected by each Local Assembly to resolve an issue and/or concern within the region.

- Tribal Wave Regional Assembly meetings held during February, May, August and November of each year. Local Assembly gatherings are determined by regional representatives. Regional Assembly where all registered participants attend are held twice (2) a year.

Honour Code

Through our Honour Code we can carry out our core activities and guiding principles. The Code will guide all negotiations with State Government, the formation of our tribes, our regional assembly group and the future tribe leaders in Tribal Wave Assembly as the movement sets our voices into action.

Our code demands truth telling, honesty and integrity in all things.