Tribal Wave's vision is to have interconnected groups creating prosperous futures for Aboriginal people.
We are Local Decision Making

Local Decision Making is an initiative of OCHRE, the NSW Government’s community focused plan for Aboriginal affairs, which represents a fundamental and positive change in the relationship between government and Aboriginal communities in NSW.

Local Decision Making is underpinned by the principle of self-determination and aims to ensure that Aboriginal communities have a genuine voice in determining what and how services are delivered to their communities.

Local Decision Making places Aboriginal people at the centre of service design, planning and delivery, enabling the staged devolution of decision making and accountability to the local level.

In September 2016, a new Aboriginal Regional Alliance was established Tribal Wave Assembly

Purpose & Vision 

Tribal Wave Assembly (TWA) purpose is a network of Aboriginal People that assemble into groups at local and regional level to create the conditions which support Aboriginal people and community to influence government policy in the delivery of programs and services to overcome social and economic disadvantage.

TWA believe through collaboration, commitment and co-creation of solutions we can overcome complex problems.


TWA vision is to have interconnected groups creating prosperous futures for Aboriginal people. 


Our mission is to collectively make a difference to one Aboriginal life and one Aboriginal community at a time, together. 


‣ Develop cultural legitimacy that win the support, participation and trust of Aboriginal people through cultural knowledge and contributing to the creation of shared cultural values.

‣ Enable focused dialogue and political strategy discussions dealing with government policies and programs with key stakeholders.

‣ Improve the level of participation, coordination and networking between grassroots community groups, their organisation and government agencies in decision-making processes to overcome social and economic barriers for Aboriginal people.

‣ Promote the role of community leaders in creating a collective and collaborative network that increase opportunities for Aboriginal people.
Empower those involved to exercise their intelligence and collective wisdom for sustainable development for Aboriginal people now and into the future.

‣ Formalise our relationship with government and other key stakeholders through agreements that is in accord with relevant rules, regulations and quality standard specifications to meet the needs of Aboriginal people and their community.


Tribal Wave Assembly Principles 

We will know we are experiencing shared prosperity when our People feel strong and active, belonging together with attitudes and interests, giving continuance to our Aboriginal Culture and our community values. Aboriginal community and cultural vitality are the heart of our People’s wellbeing and essential to all domains that follow.

The Rationale

Tribal Wave Assembly has adopted Australian Human Rights Commission principles as part of the representative structure that include: 

‣Legitimacy and credibility.
‣Truly representative by ensuring the participation of different groups.
‣Connected structure that shows the relationship between the representative structure.
‣Independent and robust in advocacy and analysis.

Our people

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander  people are on and off country people. we Honour  & pay respect that we are lead and directed by Gumbaynggirr, Dunghutti, Biiripai & Woriimi People.

Our land

We respect that we are on the traditional lands of the Gumbaynggirr,Dunghutti, Biiripai & Woriimi People.

Tribal Wave Regional Assembly is 6 Local Assembly’s aligned to Local Government Areas. We include Corindi Beach in the north and all between heading down to Karuah in the south.

Coffs Harbour
Nambucca Valley

Port Macquarie
Mid Coast